The African Grey Parrot

Smokey Joe

Smokey Joe is an African Grey parrot and came to live with us on 9 March 2006. Each time we went down to the local pet shop we used to admire the African Greys until one day I decided I had to have one. So the next thing, there we were taking this bird and his cage home with us. He was three months old when we got him. The ring around his leg showed that he was hand reared.

Smokey Joe is a constant source of pleasure and gives us a lot of laughs. He repeats absolutely everything.. some words we would prefer he does not use mind you! ☺ He has a vocabulary of about fourty words and his favourite person is most definately his Dad. I am not No1 on his list because I shouted at him one day and that is a No No! for an African Grey. He did not like that and every time he sees me he puffs his feathers up and wants to bite! But I still love him and think he is divine!

He is fearless and tries to bite the cats and dogs though the cage if they come close. He imitates so many things and sounds that sometimes we are not quite sure if it is the real thing or not!  We wish all animals were like him as African Greys can live up to 60 years of age. Our type of pet!

Smokey Joe Smokey Joe Smokey Joe  

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