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BISS AM/CAN CH Spiritrun's Luck of the Draw, WWPD x Ch Nanuke's A Maze of Grace

Tosh was born on 16 February 2011. Not quite a Valentine's baby by birth but definately one by nature. She arrived on 13 July 2011 all the way from Lockport NYC. Sandy told me before she arrived that it would not take long for her to have us "wrapped around her paw". Well, "never a truer word spoken".  It took her all of two seconds to have us absolutely smitten and totally wrapped around that paw!!  And nothing has changed since that day!

Tosh is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever known. She is the sweetest, most darling girl ever, yet not a pushover either. She has a personality to die for and is constantly on the go and keeps us on our toes. One always has to be one step ahead of her trying to figure out what is next. It is almost as if she actually thinks about something before she does it except for those absolutely irresistible kisses of hers. Those just come randomly without any thought.

She keeps Toby busy as well and certainly gives him a run for his money. He had quite a laid back life before Tosh arrived but now has his time cut out for him. She plays with him constantly and loves to chase him full speed in the mornings when they go out running at the club.

Tosh gives us endless pleasure and there is never a dull moment with her. She is a one in a million dog and that face… well who can say NO to that?  

Tosh Tosh Tosh

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CH Tamalpais Gizma Girl

Ch Tamalpais Bay for me Bayoux x Ch Tamalpais Amiska I`m no Angel

Gizi was born on 31 August 2002. She is out of Ch Tamalpais Bay for me Bayoux and Ch Tamalpais Amiska I'm no Angel. She was eight weeks old when she arrived from JHB.

She was and still is the complete opposite of Doodles. The most independent, "I need no-one" Malamute you have ever seen. She takes everything in her stride and is not bothered by much. She is a small Malamute and the saying "Dynamite comes in small packages" applies 110% to her. She is a bossy boots and if she is lying in the doorway, no four-legged creature will dare to pass by her.

She is a true Malamute and will survive in the wild anyday as she will eat anything and everything. She enjoys going for a walk down at the club and her favourite thing there is to dig in the mole heaps and come out with her whole face covered in mud. She is still a huge mischief maker, digging holes, chewing shoes and the rest. ☺

She is a very special little girl and although she seems to have a "I don`t care" attitude, she is very lovable and terribly cute especially when she walks. She waddles just like a duck!  The cutest little dynamite package ever!

Gizi Gizi Gizi  

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