Gone but Never Forgotten

Rupert "aka Lolli|

Lolli was a rescue cat and was found in a drain about 17 years ago. The vet estimated him to be about 3 months old at the time. Lolli was a true Ginger and had an attitude of note. He took no nonsense from anyone. In his younger day he was a real street fighter and always won his fights.
No animal ever looked for trouble with him, even the feisty Malamutes!

He was a lovable cat but true to Ginger style was also cheeky and moody. He had the loudest mouth, maybe even louder than Doodles!  You definitely knew when Lolli wanted something, that voice was deafening!

Lolli crossed the rainbow bridge in June 2013. We miss him a lot, especially his Dad as he was a faithful TV companion lying on Johnny's lap each chance he got.

Lolli Lolli Lolli  

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CH Snowpine Fiora

Midnitesun Greywolf x Ch Snowpine Oonalik

Fiora was born on 8 November 1992. She was out of Midnitesun Greywolf and Ch Snowpine Oonalik. She arrived on 31 December 1992 from Johannesburg. She was my first Malamute and has a very special place in my heart.

She was friendly and loveable girl but very independent and was never particularly phased by anything. She was the perfect show dog meaning that she absolutely loved the show ring and I always knew that she would behave and do what was expected of her. No surprises!

Also typical Malamute style, she would come to me when she wanted love and would basically just tolerate me when I hugged her and she had not asked for it! As a young dog she was a nightmare when it came to food. She would eat every three to four days only. But when she got older she loved her food and could not wait for supper time.

Fiora was almost fourteen years old when she crossed the rainbow bridge in June 2006. I will never forget her and still miss her stacks. She was my friend and helped me through some difficult times in my life. And was always there when I needed someone to listen. We also had a lot of fun and good times together. She will live in my heart forever.

Fiora Fiora Oomenak  

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Midnitesun Chico x Pale Moon's Tuktu

Oomenak was born on 27 November 1984. He was out of Ch Midnitesun Chico and Pale Moon's Tuktu of Storm Kloud. He was the only male out of a litter of five and he had a confident, outgoing, "Don`t mess with me" nature. He had a mind of his own and commanded respect from any dog and generally got it. No dog would dare to challenge him.

He was pretty much a "one man dog" and would only listen to Johnny. He took orders from no-one else. Johnny used to spend a lot of time with him doing obedience training and "pulling" on the cart with him almost every day. He was a Class B Obedience dog which is a huge achievement for a Malamute. He also did Dog Jumping which attracted the crowds as he always had a lot to say when asked to do the course which he did not really want to do! ☺

Oomenak crossed the rainbow bridge in December 1998, just a few days after his 14th birthday. He has a special place in both our hearts and will never be forgotten.  

Oomenak Oomenak Oomenak  

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